Hello, good introductions to Lucas, is a very loving cat that urges a home and daily love, has much love to give.
    Lucas appeared abandoned when he was months, in a ricon roofed but outdoors, I end up making that his place, although it took time, were so noble that he did not know how to defend himself from other cats and regain food.
    The chickens of a nearby park (Parque de la Paloma) moved to their place to eat their food, instead of attacking them, Lucas ended up making friends with them.
    He was sterilized and tested (he tested positive for leukemia), a very hard disease for the street, even so it has taken years until it has reached a little limit of resistance to cold.
    One of his feeders noticed his decay, a veterinarian analyzed him and saw him very incapacitated, thanks to the veterinary assistance in time was able to survive once again.
    He was stripped of all his teeth and
    could be sheltered a few days at the house of one of the feeders, but can not adopt and again, although a little better health, returns to the site of the street, which can produce more relapses, we urgently need a home for the
    Contact: 651507184
    Benalmadena Costa, Malaga



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