New year in PATAS

  • New year in PATAS

    logoweb1A new year begins and PATAS starts a new project.

    Since January 01, 2019, our protector has ceased to be linked to the animal collection service of El Puerto de Santa Maria, work that we had been doing for more than three years. The reason is none other than the lack of guarantee of maintaining zero sacrifice in our city.

    We are waiting for the transfer of a score of animals, including dogs and cats, by CEMUPROAN (Municipal Center for Animal Protection) dependent on Urbaser and who exclusively manages the collection of abandoned animals in El Puerto. These dogs and cats, with which we left initially, have been chosen for reasons of vulnerability (PPP, sick or with problems of socialization) since these present greater risk of sacrifice.

    In short we will invite members, volunteers, other local protectors and in general to a meeting where we will detail our objectives for this year, the configuration of the new Board of Directors as well as give answer to those questions that are asked.

    Now more than ever we need your collaboration as a means to safeguard the lives of abandoned dogs and cats in Puerto de Santa Maria.

    *In order to avoid a damage to the animals of transitory form in our WEB page and FACEBOOK all the publications made up to the date will be maintained they are or not of PATAS, until of definitive form and in a brief space of time such situation is regularized on the part of the CEMUPROAN.


    PATAS Board of Directors


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