• Pepe

    This little one does not arrive to two years of vida, it is a weight pluma weighs less than 8kg and it is of small size, it is a salamero that you put faces to gain the heart, at the beginning it is a little tímido☺ but as soon as you do two caresses to him already it does not detach itself of you. It’s a mimosin that has to be happy,
    If you want to fill your life with happiness, affection and love do not hesitate to visit us at Mascotas Ávila in the CC of Bahía Mar of El Puerto de Santa María WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY from 18:00h to 21:00h and SATURDAY MORNING from 11 to 14h, where each day
    One of our children will go in search of happiness or send an email to the protector to meet them ❤Te hopefully




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